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Circle of Security Parenting DVD training in Spanish

Circle of Security Offers Parenting Training Seminars in Spanish


Beginning this spring, Circle of Security is excited to offer Parenting Training and DVD seminars conducted in Spanish. Led by Carlos Guerrero, ASW, these 4-day seminars train professionals in core components of Circle of Security protocol and education. While Spanish DVDs and manuals have been a part of our bilingual tools, greater demand has allowed us to include seminars for those more comfortable in a Spanish-language setting. Two seminars are currently scheduled for May.


The structure of the Spanish Parenting Training and DVD seminar is very similar to our English program. Examples of secure and problematic parent/child interaction are studied and discussed, and attendees are given examples to clarify both Circle of Security principles as well as healthy caregiving practices. As with all the Parenting and DVD Training Seminars, any professional who provides parenting education, healthcare or counseling is encouraged to attend.


To acknowledge the experiences of those in Spanish-speaking communities, our Spanish trainings do offer some changes from the English format. Just as each Circle of Security Parenting Training seminar regularly employs examples from film and culture to illustrate concepts, our Spanish training draws from Latin American or Spanish-language media with similar themes or representations. Open dialogue will allow discussion of cultural references and sensitivities in specific Latino communities.


The first two Spanish-language seminars are scheduled for Spring 2014.



12-15 May 2014

First 5 Alameda County
1115 Atlantic Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501


New Mexico

27-30 May 2014

1 Ardovino Drive

Sunland Park, NM 88063

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