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Yesterday, we bid a warm farewell to Melanie Donaldson, who has helped us keep our heads above water these past 5 months. Melanie adapted well to the challenge that this position brings and we will miss her clarity, enthusiasm, and passion. She spoke highly of the wonderful people from around the world that she was able to communicate with on a daily basis. This enthusiasm kept her plugging away at the impossible task she was charged with. Thank you, Melanie, for all you have done for Circle of Security. You were a pleasure to work with and served a very crucial role during a critical transition for our company. We wish you all the joy of being home with your sweet Liv.

As with all transitions, we were able to?better define the role that the Office Administrator needs to provide for the Circle of Security office. We now have the clear understanding that the Office Administrator position is no longer feasible at part-time hours. We've been struggling to keep up with the current level of interest. With that in mind, we would like to introduce Mary Davies, our new full-time Office Administrator. Mary will be the main point of contact for the office, and I hope you all will help to welcome her to COS with kindness. As she is settling into her new role, we are also helped out by Katie Shircliff who has been answering our very busy registration email for the past month. Katie will only be with us on a temporary basis, as she is also in the middle of law school. But she is proving to be invaluable during this transition. In a very short time we went from two part-time employees to two full-time and one part-time employee. Phew, that is a big change! And one that we hope translates into better communication with all of you, and more trainings throughout the world. We have updated the "about us" section to better introduce both Mary and Katie to you. I will also be adding information about Ida Brandtzaeg and Stig Torsteinson our wonderful trainers in Norway.

It is amazing to see how Circle of Security has grown in the past 26 months since I began working here. I was the first manager that Glen Cooper, Kent Hoffman, and Bert Powell hired. In 2011, the goal was to meet the previous year's training numbers. We reached those numbers in the first 6 months. This year, we exceeded those numbers in the first 3 months. None of us could have anticipated how fast these numbers would grow. We have automated the registration and payment process, instead of having to wait on one person to process the registration. We have completed translations and presented in new countries and communities around the world. It is very exciting that most of our trainings are selling out before the Early Bird registration date. But at the same time, it leaves some folks scrambling to get a seat! We are continuing to look at ways to increase training opportunities, we understand how frustrating it can be to have the desire to attend a training and use the materials but not have a training available to you.

Now that we have more support, we will begin rolling out the member side of our website. This will allow parents to connect with Registered Parent Educators (RPE) in their own community. This will also help the RPE's get the word out about their parent groups. We hope that this helps to create a community between RPEs, and helps to get the Circle of Security to many more families. We've had this in the wings, but were overwhelmed and unable to launch. We will begin rolling out by country so we don't overload our system (or our sanity). Keep an eye out for an email if you have attended a training.? It will have directions on how to log into the website and create your profile. But I'll continue to post updates as we begin in case you miss the email.

Thank you for all of your support for the Circle of Security. We love to hear the stories about the impact that this has on families. I know on a personal level how much this has impacted my relationship with my daughter. I hope everyone feels the same joy when they see the Circle at work.

Kind regards,


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